Saturday, November 21, 2009

You spin me right round, baby right round...

like a record baby, right round, round, round...

Well, despite my best intentions, we are now about to head into the whirlwind that it PPO healthcare when dealing with hospitalizations. Brandon went into ER last night with oxygen levels of only 81% (that's really bad for those of you who don't know - at that level he's really close to going unconscious...). After spending a few hours at ER he still couldn't hold oxygen levels above 89% on his own, so he is now admitted and being set up in the children's ward. Javier is there now, and I will relieve him after lunch. Anyone got any good crock pot recipes?

Brandon is sick - possibly the flu - so this does not help his asthma at all, and I have no idea how long he will be in the hospital. The knowledge that the bill on the back end could be as much as $10,000 is not helping either. I have heard how wonderful PPO's are, but I have to admit, if given the choice (which I am not) I would take my HMO with all it's red tape in a heart beat right now.

The hospitalization is further complicated by the fact that the hospital is not allowing children visitors under 15. That means that Javier and I need babysitters twice a day when we switch off who is going to be with the kids. Brandon is only 9 - he would not be happy being left alone for so long a couple of times a day. Can everyone out there give a great big Huzzah! for my mother and father who are graciously filling that spot for us. I really and truly do not know what we would do without them right now. Thanks Mom and Dad. For everything.

Good news on the knitting front though... I should have several hours of knitting time a day until Brandon is out of the hospital... maybe I'll be able to catch up on some of the projects I'm doing.

Take care everyone, and be well!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

memoirs from the mothering world...

Lately I have been concerned with why. Why? Why is it important, for instance, not to lie. Really important. Important to the human soul. Why? We all know, "do not lie", and yet we have "little white lies" and admire those who would lie to protect others. Those are still lies. And we tell our children, never lie. Why?

My son told a little lie a few days ago. I asked him if he had brushed his teeth and he told me that he had. Mother's intuition pricked up my ears. "Well then," I said, "you won't mind if I go and check your toothbrush." Of course, he hadn't brushed his teeth. This is not the first lie my son has told. This is not the worst lie my son has told. He was punished... losing 2 days of video games this weekend (the only time he is allowed to play). But I was left wondering, why? Why was not brushing his teeth worth lying to him? Why? The more I thought about it, I realized, we never explain why we don't lie. Perhaps we talk of trust, others will talk of a god, but one only feels the effect of that lie if they are caught. Lying was making his life easier. If he told me he had brushed his teeth, then he didn't have to do it. If he didn't admit that he had knocked over the proverbial vase then he didn't need to suffer the consequences. It was easier.

And that was his why.
I know this is wrong. But why? I thought about those little white lies. I thought about those who hide important truths in lies to preserve the greater good... such as those German families that risked their own lives to save Jewish families from the horrific injustice of the Nazi regime. Such as the Quakers and others that risked themselves and their families along the Underground Railroad to help lead men and women to a life of freedom, not because it was easy, but because it was right. Surely, at those moments, it was not only right, but good to lie in the face of evil?

Then I thought of what my son would become if I allowed him to believe that lying for no reason was acceptable. I could imagine his heart growing dark, his soul troubled and lonely, the selfish gleam to his eye... and my heart broke. Trust is important, but it is not for the regard of others that we should not lie. It is to preserve our human soul - that part of us that loves selflessly, that gives without discrimination, the part that cares for not just our fellow human beings, but the world around us. It is not lying that is bad, it is why we lie that determines whether the action was good or bad. To believe that lying has no consequences, whatever the reason, is foolish. But lying for selfish reasons leads to a selfish person. A sad and angry person who does not understand why the world is against them. A person who never sees that it is because he has been against himself. And I do not want this for my son.

So, now I know my why, at least in this instance. And strangely, that makes it easier to do not only what I should, but what I must for my son. I have never really understood how some people can think that anyone wouldn't need to know why. It seems to me that is the most important thing they could ever know.