Saturday, April 19, 2008


Saturday. A lovely day, all together. The alarm does not go off anymore. I can take the day at my own pace, and enjoy my children. I love Saturdays. And even more when Javier is actually able to be home. Last weekend was wonderful... 4 days of having my husband home and in bed was lovely beyond compare. Sadly, he is at work right now. Such is life. I still have high hopes for Sunday though...

We have lots going on during the week, especially next week. Our shower is half tiled... yard clean-up starts on Monday, there's a dumpster in my driveway that I have high hopes of filling at least 4 times with all the junk hanging around. I think one of the reasons I can never get a hold of the Flylady way is because I don't get rid of the clutter. So clutter! You are on notice! Eviction begins today! I have at least shined my sink every day since Thursday. So far, so good.

I also feel like I'm doing fairly well on the goal I set for myself on ditching my body clutter as well. I'm drinking more water than I think I ever have (as evidenced by my constant attendance at the bathroom). I may actually get my bathroom sparkling soon too, as I try to swipe at something each time I go in there. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good for the day. Just missing my hubby.

Well, off to clean up, shine my sink, and maybe even knit a bit.


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