Monday, November 10, 2008

The tale of David...

David verses Goliath. The ultimate story of triumph - to beat the odds and all expectations and come out victorious. That is David. And now I hope that it is also my local yarn shop.

Unraveled is a lovely little store in Monrovia that just feels like home when I go in there. I have to admit that I am guilty of a lot of petting and very little buying. I do not have much to spend, even on the good days. But where this downturn in the economy is pinching my pocketbook (and my yarn funds) it has put a chokehold on very life of this store, and I would dare say many others.

The ladies of Unraveled have come up with an astoundingly clever idea to stave off death, and defeat the Goliath of global economic downturn to save this store - create a co-op where one becomes many. Create a living interest in the life and health of the store. $40 a month for 5 months is the cost of the life of this store. Just $40. $40 to buy a living room filled with women and men who understand some intimate corner of your soul is wrapped in wool and fiber and will never mock you for it. $40 for the joy of fondling yarns and dreaming of what they could become upon your very own needles. $40 for expertise or moral support needed to finish that one special project. $40 to say that this is my yarn family, and that this family will not let you down. It seems so little - and yet so much. If you are a knitter in this area of California, all I can do is urge you to consider joining our ranks. There is nothing to lose in asking - everything in not.

And if you do not live in this area, please, give a thought to your own local yarn shop and go buy a little yarn to help take the edge off.

Goodnight all...

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Fay Lynn said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for writing about us. Can we link this on the web page?

Thank you so much for such kind and inspiring words.
Fay Lynn