Monday, October 8, 2007

Sacrifice -

Today was one of those days that I was forced to look carefully at what I am comfortable doing, and what I am willing to do for anothers well being and happiness. What am I willing to sacrifice for anothers happiness? Be it my child's, my husband's, or my best friends, I have been forced to look and see that I am a creature of comfort. I do not often step beyond my bounds - I don't stretch, walk where the pavement is hot, or go without. In short, I have not sacrificed anything. And I find this to be a terrible fault. Certainly I am generous within my circle of comfort. I happily give of any thing I have to share, be it time, advice, food, and when I have it, even money. I have thought of myself as a giver, fancied myself an activist, dreamed of being truly great. Perhaps even an inspiration. But oh, how selfish I have been. It is time to step outside myself, and learn what it really means to give. All we are talking about is just a little discomfort - giving up just a little of what time is mine - and yet I am afraid. Stranger still, I am not even certain what I am afraid of.

Enough now. Each journey begins with just a single step.


Jen said...

Get out of your box, girlfriend! :-)

Romi said...

What a wonderful story you left on my blog! I loved reading it! Thank you so much!

I have also been thinking about looking outside myself. It's so easy to get caught up in our daily little trials, isn't it? I could also do so much better.