Sunday, October 7, 2007

Still here

Well, we're still in the hospital, and I am about to head in for the dayshift, and let Javier have some time off for a bit. Liam is in good spirits, but yesterday he was still having difficulty pulling in air - even though he is on continuous oxygen. He doesn't like that part. But the video games/tv in his room is cool. At least there is a little good with the bad. Brandon and Maia get to spend a little time with Nana and Papa today - so we can all relax just a little this morning. More as we know...

We are home! He did an amazing turnaround last night while I slept, and I walked into the children's wing to find him racing around the play room with a friend, hacking and wheezing, but off oxygen, and having a great time. He's holding oxygen levels finally, and we can all rest at home tonight. Yay!

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