Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enter Exibit A

Here he is. The love of my life. Wonderful father, loving (if occasionally crabby) husband. He is my joy, my rock, my royal pain in the a$$.

He is, of course, my husband. And if I could hit him over the head with a rubber mallet, or drug him with Acme sleeping pills I would. Seriously. This man lives under the delusion that he doesn't need sleep, or that things like folding clothes are more important. I will admit, folding clothes IS important, and if I had my domestic act together, we likely would not be having this conversation, but STILL! It is not like he's struggling along on 6 to 8 hours of sleep like a normal person. No, MY husband tries to live life on 4. 4 hours of sleep. He RUNS longer than that. SHEESH.

He works nights, so a normal sleep is usually out of the question for him, and he usually gets along pretty well. But every once in a while (like last night) he gets this bug up his #@%* to not sleep. "I have to be up all night tomorrow for work," he'll say. That would be fine with me. IF HE WOULD SLEEP THE NEXT DAY!!!! It's as if he doesn't understand that by not sleeping during the day AFTER he stays up all night, he has completely undid any good staying up might have done him, because now he will be even MORE tired. Sigh.

Anyone know any really good sleeping draughts I could mix into his morning meal before bed?


Jen said...

He needs some Seroquel. There must be something in the air because my DH isn't sleeping much either. *grr*

Anonymous said...

Woman, go make me a pot of coffee!