Friday, January 25, 2008

Stranded Delights

Oh boy. While I was supposed to be cleaning my house this week, I sort of fell down and knit a hat instead. A stranded hat. We Call the Pirates, to be exact. OMG! I could not put the stitches down! I knit this thing in about 6 hours. Now, 6 hours is not easy to come by when you are a mom of 3, AND are supposed to be cleaning a house (badly in need, I'm afraid) but there I was, furtively knitting in corners - just a few more stitches to the end of the chart, whoops, now I've started the next repeat, well, I've got to finish this repeat now. LOL. It was WAY more addicting than I ever thought possible. Once I finished the knitting I had to stuff it in the bottom of my bag so that I would not sew down the lining before I got a picture of the inside. It's sooo cool! So here, for your knitting viewing pleasure, I give you -

Jen's "We call them Pirates"
Made for my big Brother Scott!

The inside -

And Ta-Da!

All done!

Don't you love it? You gotta love it. Man, nobody told me this was so much fun. Probably a good thing though.
Now, I'm off to enjoy a rainy Friday with my hubby...

TTFN! (TaTa For Now!)


Jen said...

Awesome! That was fast!!!

Anonymous said...


Robin said...

Hi Lady Jen :),

For her birthday, Megan got a knitting kit from my Mom (who is going to give her "lessons" each Tuesday, starting tomorrow). Should I be concerned?? (BTW, the hat looks great!)