Sunday, March 23, 2008


Okay - I'm up for air.

I have been totally submerged in Ravelry. Totally. I know.. this usually happens right after you sign up. But I was good. A little here. A little there. Add to my wips. Then I discovered the forums. Totally addicting. I don't get a whole lot of adult conversation as a SAHM of 3. It sort of comes in spats with my husband, when he is home and conscious enough to have a conversation of any length. Ah, but Ravelry.... I can talk about yarn. I can talk about religion, or the lack of it. I can talk about Harry Potter, or the Princess Bride, or my new love for the design world of Elizabeth Zimmerman. I can talk about lace, I can talk to designers about how I might get something I'm working on actually published. I can talk politics, or I can talk about the home. Instant conversation. Lovely. Dangerous. Time sucking vortex... ahhhh.... must escape pull of black hole....


I think I just missed the event horizon there.

Anyway, realizing that Friday was the official start of spring, it is time to re-enter life and actually pick up my knitting needles again (and maybe clean the house).

So Happy Spring Everyone!

And Happy Easter as well. Enjoy a beautiful day. I promise I won't disappear for so long any time soon.

Just for fun, check out the new apocalypse....


Anonymous said...

WOMAN! Forget that stuff and clean my house!

Robin R said...

Alas, I can relate only too well. (Only for me, it's the Sonlight discussion board). Sooo hard to resist!