Sunday, March 2, 2008


That's right. Done. Stick. A. Fork. In. 'Em. Done.

I have finished the V.2 of the Monkey socks for my Dear MIL. I began these socks sometime last July? Eh, somewhere in the middle there. I had nearly completed them for my MIL birthday in August (Grumble) When I discovered that they did not fit over her heel. It has been a long process. I knew I had to rip those socks. I made myself a promise that I would not work on any other socks until these were done.


That kinda back fired in that I didn't work on ANY socks at all. For months. Finally, sometime in February I bit the bullet, pulled back the sock I was working on and began to rework the sock. I had decided to make the heel flap stretchier, and a bit longer, hoping that that would fix the problem. And that went well. I really enjoy the heel, odd as that might sound considering that most people complain about that part more than any other. I just find it exiting to see a tube turn into a sock. But as I was working my way down the foot, it occurred to me that maybe the problem wasn't with the heel at all... maybe I was measuring the length of the foot wrong... maybe, jut maybe, I needed to make the foot longer.

I measured the socks in my house, measured my feet, and came to the conclusion that I was losing nearly an inch in the what I thought was the length of the sock, and what the actual length of the sock was when someone put it on. I needed to measure from the edge of the heel flap, not from the center. Sigh. Okay. Make it longer. Then I needed to pick out the toe of the finished sock, and redo that one too. Finally, finally... done.

And I think they are beautiful. My son Brandon happily modeled the finished sock (his foot is nearly the size of his grandmothers...) and if they don't fit her this time, they are going to charity.

Happy (Belated, uh, REALLY belated) Birthday Anita!


Jen in CT said...

they are lovely! If they don't fit her, I'll take them!!! send them to ME!

Jen in CT said...

Or, you could have a blog contest. I shouldn't be so greedy. But I really would take them off your hands...

Lynnette said...

I love those socks! The colors turned out gorgeous--my green monkey socks look boring...yours rock!