Thursday, June 19, 2008

A tale of a mighty dragon...

There he sits. Rojo. Mighty dragon. He carries my family from place to place, does battle in our streets keeping us safe from harm as he wings down the black highways of L.A. And yet, there he sits. Why, you might ask, does he sit? Just sit... he rumbles and groans, but the ease with which I would guide him has been hindered. Rojo, the mighty dragon, does not want to move. His engine roars, but his wheels stay firm. His hand release for the parking brake is broken, the once strong cable torn and the handle pulled loose in my hand. We are going nowhere today.

It could have been better timing - couldn't it always - but it could have been worse. I am in Palm Dessert, visiting my parents time share, and we had just finished buying a boat load of groceries, loaded them into the cavernous rear of my mighty dragon, and were about to take off - so I thought. It was at this point that the aforementioned handle came loose into my clutch. Thankfully, it was AAA to the rescue. Liam and I went with the tow truck driver, Sam, to Palm to Pines Automotive where they would unclench the parking brake, and my mother waited with the groceries for us to return. Thankfully Maia and Brandon were with my father - but unfortunately he could not come to my mother's rescue because the car seat necessary to move Maia in a vehicle was, of course, with me. So off we went. And the brake was released, and I went to get my mother from the store. We drove back to the timeshare in triumph and joy. We parked. And that is when it happened. I stepped on the parking brake again. After having spent 3 hours of my afternoon working to free Rojo from the parking brake's grip, I engaged it again. Habit. And I have never felt so stupid in all my life.

So after several minutes of wailing and screaming, and crying to the gods about a simple lapse of mind, I turned and went into the house. I knit. I chatted with my dear friend online. I went swimming. And in the best words of Scarlet O'hara, I decided that "I'll think about that tomorrow."

The knitting is from a kit that my wonderful husband procured for my birthday, another beautiful design by Ann Hanson of Knitspot. And sitting atop that lovely mountain of fiber? The cutest little sheep that ever graced my needles, thanks to my lovely Jen, who is today sporting a new look herself.

Here's wishing you a better day.


Bean Counting Knitter said...

I am sure the day was more stressful than it sounded. I really love the way you describe the events of the day. Great story telling. :-)

misfitknits said...

blog comment trainer rolling through!

what a beautiful....scarf? well, whatever the WIP is going to turn into, it's marvelous, and the yarn is great! a single no less! sorry, that's the spinner in me talking... anyways, your work is beautiful and if i could reach through my screen, i just may steal your sheepy little friend there!