Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bunk Beds, Monsters, an Sushi Tacos? OH MY!

Yes, you read that right. Sushi Tacos. Brandon is on his way to becoming a cutting edge chef a la George Duran from Ham on the Street, by mixing and combining every day foods in new and, ummm, interesting ways. He has an enormous amount of fun giving me a couple of ingredients that he would like me to incorporate into dinner that night. After seeing my blog, he now wants me to post his "Recipe of the Week". Stay tuned. I have no idea what might be next.

As for the rest of my life, I have been so busy that I have hardly had a chance to check my email. Last Wednesday bunk beds were delivered to my home in 7 different boxes. Seven. I stood there, looking at them stuffed into my boys little bedroom, and wondered where my genie bottle had gotten to. Come Sunday, my genie appeared in the form of my family. Yay! My mother, father, and sister came up to help, and with Javier leading the charge, we got these bad boys up in a little over two hours. Aren't they wonderful? (Be warned, this might be the only time we see the beds actually made) We ordered them from Simply Bunk Beds online. While there was some trepidation about having bought a major furniture item online, without having seen it, we plunged in headfirst, and hoped for the best. At the moment, I feel like we missed all the big rocks, and I hope for smooth sailing from here.

Being thoughtful and prudent parents, we decided that Brandon should be on the top bunk, and that Liam should be on the bottom bunk. This seemed a safe and practical decision. Easy, right? Not. Brandon does NOT like change. He want's everything to stay the same. Always just as he has known it. Moving to a bunk bed was a difficult decision for him, much less sleeping way up in the air. We convinced him that it would be cool to sleep on the top, and bribed him a little with the addition of his very own book light. That way he could stay up and read for half an hour after Liam goes to bed. (By the way, anyone know where I can find one that clips to the rail?). He liked this idea. So we got him up there.

Now Liam, Mr. Adventure himself, was gung ho for the top bunk. Which made Javier think that maybe bungie jumping from the top bunk was not the best use of this new addition to our home. But how could we make the bottom bunk sound cool, without losing the ground that we gained in getting Brandon on the top? We build a fort. Top sheets finally have a purpose in my house! They made the perfect walls for Liam's fort, and Brandon got to go inside. Now if we can only convince the baby not to climb the ladder....I haven't got any ideas here. At an incredibly precocious 22 months, there is nothing that Maia would rather be doing than going up and down that ladder, and watching Daddy have a heart attack, worrying about her falling down and breaking a leg, in addition to the 10 stitches she had on her forehead in February. I'll have to post about that another time...

So, we have a new bed in the boys room, and the toddler bed that has been Liam's for the last few years, is now Maia's. Now all I have to do is clear the ton of junk out of the third bedroom so that Maia can finally have her own space. Maybe I'll manage this sometime after Brandon's birthday, which is coming up next week. Maybe.

And, of course, with a new bed, there must be monsters... And these have moved in already! I knit them from this wonderful pattern found at Knitty. They are actually one of the reasons that I am so busy. The Preschool that Liam goes to is a Co-op, which means that there is a lot of parent involvement. One of the things that we are required to do is donate a handmade item for the yearly Carnival, which is their major fund raiser each year. So these cute little pocket monsters are destined for the craft booth. Once I get a few more made. They were due on Monday, but time had escaped me once again, and now I find myself knitting frantically, trying to get these done while my lovely socks sulk at me inside my go-knit pouch. I don't dare say it too loud, but I am really enjoying knitting up these little creatures. I am finding that I can get the knitting done in about 2-3 hours, something new is happening every few rows, and it is just plain fun watching the shape come together. Once I get the bottom seamed on, I just need to sew on eyes and things. I still need to sew the sachets for the inside...hopefully that won't take too long though. I think I shall go cast on for the next little monster. I need to do a few that will stay here as well - each of my babies has requested their very own pocket monster. Sooo cool to knit things that they really want!


D. Otoshi said...

First of all, what's an "HTML tag, such as ...."? What do I use these for?)

What a cool blog, Jennifer! I haven't "read" you much (probably only your Christmas letter of 2005), but you are an excellent writer. I thoroughly enjoy reading what you write, and am moved to tears and to "LOL" (at different times, usually!). As for the 4/25 blog, "Bunk Beds, Monsters, and Sushi Tacos? Oh, My!" - what a bust! I can semi-relate to the first, "Sushi Tacos", (my Peter is our 'chef'; you may have inspired me to let him create more!); I can perfectly picture the bunk bed story (and LOL over the expression I imagine you to have had with the seven boxes!); and smiled with the "monsters". Thanks for the joy this afternoon!

Last thing, what's this identity-thing? What's a "Google/Blogger"? I don't even know if I have a Google Account, so I'll have to figure out how to sign in.... Maybe I'll be an "other" until I know more!

Miss you.... Thanks for including me with the news of your Blog!

Jen said...

This is awesome. You have a wonderful writing voice and I can't wait to read more.

We had the same issue with the baby when we got our bunk bed from IKEA. We ended up tying a blanket over the ladder. Isaac can still go up and down because the blanket is stretchy, and Ezra thinks the ladder is blocked. For now, we're safe. :-)