Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Witness all who come here, as I succumb to the fantastical temptations of the cyberverse. I shall BLOG!

Why, you might ask? I am still working on that one myself. Perhaps it is because I am enjoying checking in on friends who are far away, or whom I don't get a chance to converse with much, and this somehow helps me to feel more connected to their lives. And so I think that perhaps there are those in my life who would also enjoy checking in on me and my life in a similar manner. Or perhaps I just harbor a secret wish to be like the fabulous Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot herself, the mega-diva of the knitting bloggers. Nah... that sounds like too much work. Stephanie is wonder woman, as far as I am concerned. Not only is she the mother of 3 teenage daughters, with a loving and helpful husband, but she is an author, knitter extroidinaire, lives a full life filled with interesting and engaging moments which she shares with a blog reading community of thousands. I could only hope.

My life is somewhat mundane, filled with my wonderful husband, Javier, and 3 children as well. My beautiful boys, Brandon (6) and Liam (4), and my gorgeous little girl, Maia (almost 2). Also under my roof reside Charlie the dog, Missy and Bob-Cat the cats, Poppy the parakeet, and Fish, who is, well, a fish. A beta fish. Lovely, but a little boring in my book. There will surely be copious posts about these people, as they are my everyday joy and life. I stay home to care for these voracious beings, and give of my life and soul each day, and each day I am filled up again by their love and laughter. That my husband Javier, spends his precious time each weekday making the money that makes our lives possible fills me with awe and admiration. I will never find a way to adequately express my appreciation for all the work that he does for us. Maybe I should try cleaning the house every once in a while...

I knit, I write, I cook and clean, I make music whenever I am able, I wipe noses and bottoms on a daily basis and on a good day, they are not using ME as the tissue; I try to remember to do the dishes and the laundry.

So welcome to my world! It is a bit disorganized, full of life and mess, music and knitting. Leave me a line if you drop on by!

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Welcome to the blogosphere!