Thursday, April 26, 2007

What time is it again?

Today Brandon was at school at 8am sharp. Good you might think? No. School starts at 7:40am. Sharp. For reasons which I cannot quite explain, I seem unable to get my three children dressed, fed, shoed, and out the door by 7:30. Perhaps it is related to the fact that every time I turn around another flat surface has been covered by papers, toys, boxes, and dog toys. Perhaps not. There is definitely some sort of force for chaos that lives in my home. I am afraid to venture a guess as to who or what that might be. Let us just say that it has a vicious sense of humour. Like when I spent a whole week looking for the USB cable that would connect my camera to my computer, and then woke up one morning to find it IN THE MIDDLE of my bedroom floor. Definitely vicious.

So today I begin my FlyLady routine building adventure once again, and attempt to exorcise chaos from my home. I was talking with my sister yesterday - a born organized being, very rare and strange - and we were talking about organized homes. I mentioned that at my home in Duarte I was able to implement the Flylady strategy, and keep it going for a bit, but that as soon as I moved into my grandparents home (with the general idea that I would be caring for my grandfather in addition to my own little brood) it all seemed to fall apart. Danae thoughtfully pointed out that I had added 60 years of my grandparents clutter and stuff to my own 10 years of accumulation. Hmmmm. She might have a point there. The hardest part of living in the home that was once my grandparents is that it is hard for me move things, or get rid of anything. But I must. There is simply too much for me to deal with. So I begin the Super Fling Boogie today! I will likely find that most of the junk is mine anyway. So, to all who sneer at me today, I say "Bring it on!" Laundry folding duel anyone?


Anonymous said...

Woman! Where is my Super Suit!

Love you!


D.Otoshi said...

Funny, Jen! Good to see I'm not the only one who is time-challenged and regularly experiences entropy. All this, and both my husband & I are pack rats. Looks like my youngest follows suit, while the elder may have a chance for sanity.

I, once again, find myself at your blog in search of information I thought for sure was here the other day! When is Brandon's bday in May? For that matter, when is Maia's and Liam's? Last year's MOP directory only lists years, and my memory's not THAT good!

Good talking to you and getting something on our calendars. Let me know when you're ready to de-clutter my house, too! :) ~ D