Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Must knit Faster...

I LOVE getting yarn in the mail.
I cannot express the joy of seeing the mailman walk up my driveway with a box in his hand. I literally jump, and open the door. I fondle the box, stroke the mail sheet, savoring the anticipation. Then I cut - ever so carefully - to reveal the magic inside.

This box is my last package from the Pick-up-Sticks sock club, and I shall miss the surprise each month, but alas, funds dictate that I must be frugal, so no sock club for now.

I reach inside to find a lovely purply-peachy yarn.. it is soft - it bewitches.

Going completely against everything that I told myself I would do

(like finish the Beach pattern first,

or that I would ONLY knit on my mystery knitting until it's deadline)

I promptly wrapped the skein around the back of my son's little rocking chair and began to wind a ball (insert plea for ball winder and swift here).

I couldn't stop.

I told myself that I would just wind the ball. That was it. Then I found myself online, looking over Knitty. Before I could help myself I had cast on for these...I have succumbed. I am weak. I am a compulsive knitter, with no hope of recovery. I got this far in one day.
But now I have to frog it. Somehow it turned out huge. Of course, the fact that I didn't do a guage swatch MIGHT have something to do with it, but I HAD TO KNIT IT NOW! I was compelled. Called. The lure of the unknown, the silkly softness of the yarn called to me. I ignored everything and knit. And it was a day of joy. (Today, not so much. Much house work ensued today. Sigh.) Now I just have to decide if I'm going to keep knitting on the same pattern (after I frog and reknit on smaller needles) or if it is ultimately destined to be something else? Hmmmm....

So, instead of knitting tonight, I am surfing the new Knitting Daily site over at Interweave Knits ( a lot of fun, this is ), and I download a pattern. Then another. And another. I realize that my stash (still in it's infancy) is simply not up to this task (not to mention my wallet!). But the great tradedy, the horror that overcomes me...when will I have time to knit all of this? I know that I will find 20 more patterns next week! How can I do it all! AACCCKKKKK!


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Anonymous said...

Woman, frog the landry on the couch and not your cursed string!