Thursday, July 12, 2007

A matter of language...

Today I stopped by the Yarnharlot, one of my favorite sites, and likely one of yours too, if you are a knitter, and found myself staring at news I didn't want to hear. It is the kind of thing that every woman fears. To be violated, and not believed - but even worse, not even able to express what happened to you in the language that you feel accurately describes the event. I am afraid that if I even try to express what I honestly feel about this, I would dissolve into impotent rage. Read. Judge. And write. Write to congressmen/women, presidential candidates. This cannot be tolerated. How can it be tolerated by a country that began upon the principles of freedom?

Internet Resources for News on this legal "event"

Slate Jurisprudence: The law, lawyers, and the court.
Gag OrderA Nebraska judge bans the word rape from his courtroom.
By Dahlia Lithwick
Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2007, at 7:27 PM ET

ABC News

Journal Star

This was compiled from a commenter, onafixedincome, on the Yarnharlots page:

then print, fill out, sign, and send.

Please do feel free to mention that his conduct falls under subsection 6 (conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute) of Article V, Section 30, of the Nebraska Constitution and Nebraska Revised Statute Section 24-722 (Reissue 1989).

Then send copies to your senators and representatives, and let the fun begin!

This from Hypatia, also from the comments on the Yarnharlots blog.

When filling out the form, I also found the following information helpful -- it takes a little work to dig it all up from the internets:

Name of the Judge: Jeffre Cheuvront
Name of Court: Lancaster County District Court
City: Lincoln
Date of Incident: October 23, 2006 - present

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Robin Reed said...

Unbelievable - sounds more like Afghanistan than America.

Hope you and yours are all well...