Monday, November 26, 2007

No, the Sky has not fallen... yet.

The world turns each day, and sometimes - uh - many times, I lose track of exactly how many times since I last meant to do something. Brandon is off to Cub Scouts once again, I have cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, attended Thanksgiving at my MIL's home, discovered that my husbands brother and his wife bought their first house (I'm jealous, can you tell?) I have watched Brandon perform his first speaking role in a class play, and baked numerous pumpkin pies, made fudge, and had a buffet breakfast with friends. We had parent teacher conferences in which N1 son is threatened with being held back because he has bad handwriting, and told the N2 son, despite his constant and boundless energy, as well as a knack for finding trouble, is doing wonderfully well in Kindergarten. My husband is beginning to wear thin (I say that loosely... I think that he's actually about to break personally) after a month and a half of preparing to shut down the printing company he has worked at for the last 10 years, to eventually leave behind the first boss he has ever truly respected, and begin life with the group of Investors who bought his company in an effort to make more money. Javier has run a Trail race. Brandon and Liam have finished up their soccer season, complete with pictures and trophies ... much squealing and joy ensued - by everyone. Somewhere in there my mother turned 65, and we celebrated at Disneyland.... which might be becoming a family tradition. All of this is happening, I took many pictures. I just have not found the time to blog about it. I can hardly believe that I am doing this now... even sans pictures. Really I should be doing dishes. Oh.. and I was supposed to be doing the nanowrimo. I have a good story planned. And to get it written, I may have to do my own month of writing ... just later. I haven't even managed one word on a page yet. Sigh.

But I am here. I am well. My family is well, and in good spirits. I am more thankful than ever for the things I have, and the people who love me. I have good friends. A wonderful family. Beautiful, smart, and energetic children. A husband whom I not only love, but whom I admire, and cannot express in any meaningful way how grateful I am for everything he does for us. Every. Single. Day. This year, far more than most, I am Thankful.

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving to everyone.

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