Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sadly, not much knitting...

is going on in my life right now. I am not entirely sure why, but it has actually been days. I am currently working on a Tomten for Liam, and a simple scarf. Oh, and I have a lace scarf on the needles, but I haven't picked that up in a few weeks. Sigh. Actually being caught up in the goings on of a political campaign is new for me, and I find myself wanting to watch debates, and reading analysis blogs that I would never have bothered with before. I think Javier is afraid I'm going to become some political nutcase, or worse, be disappointed in my choice. I sincerely hope not.

My mom comes home today, and hopefully I will be able to help my father get their little "residence inn" condo livable. Right now it looks a little like a fall out shelter, covered in boxes and stereo equipment. Strangely no food... I love my father dearly, but he does have a bit of the absent minded professor to him. He has all his music, and nothing to eat. My dad seemed to think that my mom would take care of that tomorrow when she is looking over the damage to their house, and I'm sure she will. It just seems funny to me that he wouldn't have brought anything with him except wine before that. It was also funny how he had already managed to cover every flat surface with SOMETHING! I think if my dad has a super power, it is the power to obliterate clear flat surfaces! :D I must have inherited that particular power from him.... Maybe my super power for being stubborn comes from my mom. Now I just need to find someone with the super power to clean anything, and I will live peacefully for the rest of my days. Gee, I must be missing Heroes. Anyone know if that is schedule to come back soon? (she asks, crossing her fingers and hoping fervently that the writers strike is almost over...)

Other than that, I really hope to get some work put into my own home today. My own super power to obliterate clear surface space has been top notch lately, and I have to do damage control, or risk having hubby blow sky high. I have a pile of toys waist deep in the living room begging to be sorted and put away, so that is probably what I will be doing today. And I definitely have a date that cannot be missed with Mt. Washmore.

Hopefully I will achieve a great deal while hubby is out running today. Javier is starting to near his next big race again. The AR50. That would be 50 miles of trails around the American River up in Sacramento. Last year was his first time, and he did not make it to the finish, but made an incredible effort. This year, his training looks quite a bit different to me, but his work schedule is a lot different. I am worrying a little about him, but I know that he will run hard, and do his best, and that is a lot. I would just hate to see him not finish again. He was so bitterly disappointed last year. It is kinda funny how him finishing is not intrinsically important to me, but because it is so important to him, it becomes important to me. Anyway, send him your good thoughts on that.

Now it is time to tie up my children to their beds.. the sibling sagas continue....

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CTJen said...

the writer's strike ended--check out this link:

but I don't know when Hero's returns. Hopefully soon. My super power also seems to be covering every surface--hah!

Javier's story was very interesting. I'll be sending him good thoughts for his next race!