Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turning Heels...

Hands down, or perhaps I should say heels down, my favorite part of knitting socks is turning a heel. It seems magical to me the way the tiny short rows create this perfect little cup for my heel, to cradle it. I get tingles in my tummy every time I get to this part of a sock. I love it. And I love even more that I'm back in the sock knitting groove again. I had put down my sock needles after my failed attempt at making my mother in law socks. I had to rip back one sock to the start of the heel, to make that a little wider, and then I added another half inch to the length of the foot. The other one I had to pick out the toe, then rip it back. That hurt. Alot. But hopefully this will be a sock that fits her perfectly. If not, I'm totally donating these to charity, because I am not doing it again. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. I'll be taking them to her when they're done for the final fitting. Sigh. Now I have to put down my needles and feed my children.

Happy knitting to you all!

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