Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Liam!

Today my little fireball turned 5 years old! I can hardly believe it. It is astounding how these tiny little things, so soft and helpless grow into the most amazing PEOPLE! Liam is my bouncing baby boy - literally. He never walks - he runs, skips, jumps, sidles, leaps, hops, bounds, whirrs, and spins. Sometimes all within the span of a minute. His mind moves so fast his tongue can hardly keep up with the thoughts he tries to express. He is pure explosive energy, and has the destructive power of 10 sticks of dynamyte if left alone in a room for any length of time. He is purely selfish in a way that only children can be, and yet when given the opportunity, he can offer up the kindest of words, and even compromises. He is stunning, brilliant, contantly amazes, and completely exhausting. I'm going to bed!

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