Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A warm September rain...

I will never figure out how it is that I have fewer children around the house, and yet I have less time than ever after school starts. My entire home is cruelly dictated by the moments in which children wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school, eat lunch, need picking up, homework, and then the time volunteering in classrooms. Do mom's who work at an office have more time? Sigh. I may dream of it at this moment, but I know that even if I could afford to have someone do this stuff for me, I wouldn't let them. Then I'd be crying about how I'm missing all the important milestones, and first day of school stuff, etc. etc. etc. I'm sure there's balance out there somewhere. In this I have complete faith. Which is probably why, at our county fair this Sunday, I purchased a drop spindle and roving - you know, because I have so much time right now.

Personal time is overated anyway.

But I have to tell you, this thing of watching bits of hair (kind of like the roaming Charlie hair mutant dust bunnies in our dining room) turn into a neat twisted line of something not only useful, but fun to play with... this is addicting. And it only gets better when Brandon asks "Mom, are you going to make more yarn today?" Of course darling... mommy will make yarn.... and more yarn... and knit with yarn... and pet the yarn.... and .... well, I should probably stop while I'm ahead. Now if only I can figure out how to ply it... Where exactly this will lead, I have no idea. But I'm starting to dream of Fair Isle hats mittens, out of natural shades. Could be interesting, don't you think?

On other fronts we are starting to get ready for Javier's next 50 mile race, out on Catalina Island. I think this one is the Buffalo Run. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the runners all resembling a milling herd of buffalo before the start time, but rather the fact that there are actual Buffalo on the Island, though apparently rare to see. I'm looking foreward to this one. I haven't been out to Catalina Island in many years, and the fact that it will be off season (and thus very few people around, and fewer shops open) does not disturb me in the slightest. Javier worries that there won't be anything for us to do while he is out running in the wilds of the island, but I'm not really worried at all. I think it will be a wonderful adventure for us. As long as we don't have pouring rain ... it will be the middle of January. But in that case, there is always plan b. Just don't ask what that is. Yet.

All in all, I am actually getting excited about the changing season this year. Feeling the urge to decorate, clean house, plant. All the result of the wondeful feeling left behind by a warm September rain.

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Jen said...

yay, you're back!

I love the drop spindle--you'll have to come out and show me how to use my turkish spindle.

Good luck to Javier on his run, and have fun on Catalina!