Saturday, August 25, 2007

5 little questions...

A little while back, my lovely friend across the continent, Jen, answered several questions posed to her by her sister. There were fun, and allowed a special look into her soul. Curious, I asked what she would ask me? After all, she is a sister in my heart. These are the questions that she came up with just for me. Hope you enjoy them.

1. If you were to add a 13th month to the year, where would you put it and what would you call it?

Okay...after much thought, like - do I get to add TIME to the year? Or simply reorganize how we make use of the time we have? Me, personally, I would love to add more time to the year. Especially in Summer, which is never long enough (because it is the only time during the year that I get to sleep IN to 7:30am, sigh) But also in winter, which might give me more time to actually wear the knits that I make. Southern California doesn't get much "winter" to speak of. Mostly we have hot, super hot, windy, and rain. But ultimately, I had to go with placing my month at the end of the year, and creating a time specifically for the celebration of home and family. You know, what Christmas should really be - and which is still my favorite time of year, as I am able to ignore the massive amounts of consumerism and advertising striving to devoid this time of any meaning.

But what to name it? I did a little research, knowing that the months are all named after Roman Gods, or numbers, I finally chose Vestuary, after the Roman Goddess Vesta, goddess of home and hearth.

2. If you had $200 to spend ONLY on yarn, what would you buy?

I would buy Qiviut. It is hands down the most interesting and rare fiber I have ever heard of. I think $200 might just buy me enough to make one of those incredibly gorgeous scarves or hats from Arctic Lace. And having $200 just for yarn is probably the only time I would have funds available for this remarkable yarn.

3. Is there a knitting technique or project you haven't tried yet?

I haven't tried stranded knitting/fair isle, along with the steeks (still wrapping my mind around cutting my knitting). It is on my list to do soon though...maybe first for Maia?

4. If you could join an orchestra tomorrow, what instrument would you play, cello or marimba?

Oooh, orchestra. Shiver. I miss playing something fierce, and I loved playing marimba (especially 4 mallets), but the cello sings in my soul. I would play cello.

5. If you were no longer able to have biological children, but desperately wanted another BABY, how would you go about getting one?

This one is a hard one, and I have to admit that my husband is a kinder/better person here. Knowing that I can have my own children, I hadn't given another thought to any other means of placing a baby in my arms. But Javier apparently thought about this alot - long before I had thought about it, and would absolutely adopt. In fact, if we ever find ourselves in a monetary position to support the massive financial outlay as well as support of adopted children, we will. We have discussed this several times over the years, so I know that I would adopt. But we wouldn't adopt from a foreign country. Certainly there are many many children all over the world who are desperately in need of love and care, and a permanent home, but there are also babies here with exactly the same needs, and Javier feels very strongly that any children we adopt should come from "home" so to speak. That said, we might not end up with a baby at all. Babies - especially the little ones that are all squishy and soft, and so desperately need us - make me go weak in the knees, and I am instantly overcome with a desire to have another "little squishy" all of my own (As if 3 weren't enough!). But I know I am not the only one to feel this way, and so the brand new babies almost always have a home lined up for them. We might look to the older children, and the babies that no one else wants - for whatever reason. I have been blessed with a large amount of patience, and I think that I should use that to bring comfort when others have not been able to.

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Jen said...

Great answers! I love the month's name--Vestuary! :-)