Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ahh, what a day we had today. First - I FINISHED IT! Okay, so it only took me a few hours to knit, but seriously people I FINISHED IT! I didn't have to rip it out! Not even once! Sigh. A good feeling. (That's Maia helping her crazy mama take pictures on the bushes outside)

My children, however, were not so impressed.

They were much more concerned with feeding ducks, chasing ducks, or just running for the sheer joy of it. I got to see Liam actually quiet and introspective as he watched - you guessed it - ducks.

My children REALLY like ducks.

And we could think of nothing better than "camping" on the water's edge where we step out of our cool apartment suite into sweltering heat to throw bread in the water.

Life is good.

And when the bread is gone (and we have gotten over the bitter dissapointment of realizing that bread is not an endless commodity) then it must be time for swimming!

This year is the first year that ANY of my children can swim, and suddenly they are all trying to swim like fish - and learning that breathing water is slightly more difficult than it sounds.

My children are strong willed, confident beings that like nothing more than to test each and every statement I make about life until it is completely exhausted, or they are sitting on their beds waiting for the ensuing punishment to end.

So, today, Brandon spent the afternoon showing Papa how he can drown, er jump into the deep end - endlessly - and then call for Mama because he is too tired to climb out of the water by himself.

Liam scares everyone in the pool as he bobs at the water's surface, mouth gaping, gasping for air, wiggling and thrashing every inch of his body, and squeaks out "Mama! Want to see me do it again!"

I shove my heart firmly back into my chest and manage "Yes! Good job swimming Liam!" Or some version of "I saw you! Wow! Great Job!" Oy.

And then there is my fierce hearted warrior woman, Maia. She is turning into a fish right before my eyes. She decided to walk right off the bottom step with no one to catch her this morning, kicking and waving madly until I managed to pull her face out of the water to allow her to take a breath. She has spent that last couple of pool adventures popping her head under the water and wiggling between my mother and myself, or perahps the stairs if she is feeling particularly brave.

But I have to admit, they are actually moving through the water, and making it! It is really exciting as a mother to actually see them learning and accomplishing this thing called learning to swim. And Brandon (ever the smooth talker) still found time to show is new "girlfriend" a few tricks. :D

It is incredibly gratifying to see my children confident, strong, striking out and doing new things with a gusto that many of us lack in our lives. They are truly the most amazing beings that I have the priviledge to know - and if I survive helping THEM to survive to adulthood, I know that I will be among the proudest parents on this earth.

I love to encourage their ferocious curiosity, and to that end, we struck out in search of Palm Desert's Children's Discovery Museum. What an incredibly worthy use of $6 admission for an afternoon of exploration, discovery, imagination, and fun. This is definitely going to become a tradition for us when we come visiting out here.

Between grocery shopping,

manning a pizzeria,

bringing Nana pizza

- and more pizza,

painting (yes, that is really a REAL car)

experimenting with magnets

, caring for sick and lost (stuffed) animals,

becoming everyday heroes as Firemen and Policemen,

and discoving the magic of the pulley,

it was a truly fabulous time. If you ever find yourself melting in Palm Desert in the summer, I highly reccomend it.

Then "home" for a quick spaghetti dinner, and another date with the ducks. A full day. And a good one.

Well, off to bed for this Lady...

Night all!


Anonymous said...

WOMAN! Bring me a PIZZA!

Anonymous said...

Just your SP11 stopping by to find out more about you. We have very similar taste. My children are all grown now, but I remember how lovely summer was with them.

I think I may need to send some goodies for them also.

Have a great day.

Romi said...

Wow. Wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing it all! :)