Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Good to be home...

Ahhh... There is nothing quite like returning home. Especially after the kids have *finally* gone to sleep. I missed my hubby ;D
It has been a relatively relaxing couple of days, while I recovered from our short trip. Not much knitting done, but I live in a constant state of hope.

The day before we headed home from Palm Desert, we made a trip out to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. This was quite a wonderful adventure, and I would have some way cool photos to share if I could only find where I stashed my camera. I KNOW I got it out of our room when we left...but sadly, I cannot remember into which bag I placed it, and I am still a little slow on the unpacking. I will share photos as soon as I find my nifty little camera. One of the nicest things about the the tram, is that it takes you right up to the San Jacinto Wilderness State Park. There are some 54 miles of trails up there (which makes my hubby drool at the thought of running - and running - and running) and it was a blessedly cool 76 degrees up there. Quite a contrast to the 110 down in the desert. It felt LOVERLY! I took the kids on a short (3/4 mile) guided nature walk, and generally let them run and play to their hearts content. It was a truly wonderful afternoon.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been yarn. I am feeling desperate urges to go buy yarn. I have several sweaters I would love to get started on - for my boys, family, me, babies coming in October, you know THAT wildly fun kind of knitting. But alas, I keep telling myself that I should really finish one of my other projects first. Like the socks I've been working on since June. Or the other socks that I have knit twice so far, ripped, and they still didn't fit my MIL. GRRRR. I'm not ready to knit those again. GRRR. They are on TIME OUT! Or maybe the lovely lace stole that I really should finish (hopefully a gift for Christmas). Sigh. I know that I have plenty to knit on. But I still have this incredible urge to buy new yarn (maybe some of those painfully beautiful Lantern Moon Needles) and get started on the winter sweaters for my boys and my little firecracker, Miss Maia.

We'll see how I do on this. I really feel a new sweater climbing onto my needles any time now. I dream about the shaping, and the stitches. Sigh. Maybe I'll make it until September. Maybe I will have an iron will, and manage to finish something before I buy more yarn. Alas, wills of iron I have, but only when you've managed to get me fighting. And I have to REALLY want to fight. I just can't see myself successfully fighting NOT to buy yarn. Sigh.

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